Therefore, God judged me and Scythia to see...

— Ovid.


The traveling holography exhibition

Subject of the exhibition

Royal Scythians – the ruling nobility of the Scythian Kingdom.

The horse riding nomadic people settled in the north Pontic steppes - more reach, powerful and warlike Scythian tribes, their way of life and interaction with surrounding indigenous farming and artisan settlements and Greece colonials.

Content of the exhibition

Origin of the Scythian tribes, history, development, golden age and decline of the Scythian Kingdom displayed through the ancient writing sources and their archaeology evidences.

Historical period and geography

Asia Minor, north Caucasus, the vast North Pontic steppes during 8th – 2nd century B.C.

Purpose and means

To give the brilliance impression about the history, art, culture, religion, economy, structure and the way of life of ancient Scythian society.

Organizers and lenders museums

The visitor oriented exhibition is strictly scientific based by scholars of the National Academy of science of the Ukraine created with using the objects from the collections of the National Historical Museum, Institute of archaeology, Museum of Historical Treasures, number regional nature and history Ukrainian museums.

Kind of the objects

The collection contains 24 holographs hanging exhibition objects – the high quality volume holography copies of the 70 real gold and silver objects, the originals of which were found in Scythian king kurgan graves and are kept in the National museum of Ukraine. More of them are possible to see only in National museum of Ukraine. The size of hologram is 35 x 45 cm; the holograms equipped by decorative frame, lamp and mat.

Supplying equipment

Easy to delivering and installation, full service from “nail to nail”.

The full designed set for the exhibition architecture including panoramic landscape and historical photo-panels made within archaeology excavations, 2 maps, sketches, , exhibition labels, 24 led lamps for holograms, .

Exhibition venue

No special museum requirement for displaying, exhibition space\wall min 40 m length. We adopt the configuration of the exhibition for any exhibition space before the contract.


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